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Quantitative study of the e-commerce company heyconnect shows: More than every third piece of men’s clothing is bought by women on the net/The men in Hamburg prefer to shop, whereas in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany’s “fashion mavericks” live


Hamburg, August 20, 2019 – It is no secret that the terms “man” and “shopping” are not often brought into a direct context. However, a recent study by the e-commerce company heyconnect shows how male shopping behaviour actually is. According to the study, more than every third men’s garment (36 percent) is bought by a woman online. The “fashion grouches of the nation” are based in Saxony-Anhalt. There, only 52 percent of men shop online for themselves. The Hamburgers, on the other hand, are all the more fashion-conscious: in the Hanseatic city, 70 percent of men click on the online shop themselves. For the study, around 21,000 order processes were examined – including T-shirts, shirts, sweaters and trousers – on four of the largest German online platforms: Amazon, Zalando, OTTO and About You.


Fashion buying on the Internet remains a woman’s business

The platform service provider heyconnect, which enables brands to connect to the largest marketplaces, conducted the study for the second time after 2016. However, not much has changed in this time: While the share of male online fashion buyers was 63 percent in 2016, it will be 64 percent in 2019. The platform dominated by women is clearly OTTO. 47 percent of men’s fashion is bought there by women. In contrast, 79 percent of the purchasing decisions for men’s fashion at Amazon are made by men, an increase of 10 percentage points. About You and Zalando also recorded an increase to 69 (About You) and 68 percent (Zalando) respectively, thanks to the targeted approach to the male target group.


Hamburg and Berlin are trendsetters

In a city comparison, Hamburg (70 percent) and Berlin (69 percent) continue to lead the field of fashion-conscious men. Most of the fashion maniacs, on the other hand, are to be found in the new federal states, with Saxony-Anhalt leading the way. Here, every second purchase decision (48 percent) is currently made by the woman for her husband. In the old federal states, the proportion of women averages 40 percent, which means that “only” slightly more than one in three purchasing decisions here is made by women. Overall, the study shows that men in large cities are more fashion-aware than in rural regions: The proportion of men here is higher than in any other federal state.


“The online fashion world remains a women’s domain,” says Florian Curdt, founder and CEO of heyconnect. “Men still very often leave the choice of clothes to their partner. However, we see a contrary trend in the new generation of fashion-conscious men. Especially fashion platforms like About You and Zalando have recognized this and have caught up significantly in addressing their male target group in recent years”.


Bottom line:

  • The results of the study show that shopping is still a woman’s business. At OTTO, more and more women are buying men’s fashion, while on pure fashion platforms such as About You and Zalando, the male target group is increasingly shopping for themselves.
  • The factors comfort, time saving and an individual approach play an important role for male fashion buyers today. Offers on online platforms such as individually tailored style packages can therefore increase the shopping affinity in this target group.
  • In Germany’s big cities, men are more fashion-conscious online and can be addressed by fashion platforms through targeted campaigns. Outside of large cities, the proportion of women buying men’s fashion is much higher. There, appropriate communication is available for women.
  • Companies should improve their overall targeting in order to offer women fashion for men as well.


Study design

The study examined 21,000 purchase transactions of brands connected via heyconnect on the German platforms About You, Amazon, OTTO and Zalando in the period from 1.1.2018 – 31.12.2018. The purchase items examined were textiles, including T-shirts, pullovers, shirts and trousers. The analysis included the first names of the buyers and the delivery addresses.


About heyconnect
connect is one of the leading German platform service providers, giving brands access to more than 30 marketplaces in Europe, including Amazon, Zalando, OTTO and About You. The offering includes marketplace integration and management as a basic service. The additional services range from content creation according to the respective specifications of the platforms to fulfillment and logistics as well as marketing with a focus on retail media. heyconnect currently offers more than 100,000 items from over 100 brands across all platforms. Among the best known customers are brands like Lloyd, Cinque, Colmar, Fritzi from Prussia and Hugo Boss Home. In addition to the fashion industry, heyconnect increasingly serves brands from the Home & Living and Cosmetics sectors. Founded in 2012, the Hamburg-based company with 50 employees is headed by the managing directors Florian Curdt and Marcel Brindöpke.

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