Live Setting

Almost done! We would like to inform you that we are now in the final onboarding process, the live-setting phase.

The first articles have been activated – this means that the article data has been sent to the approved platforms for the first time and your articles will be live shortly.

We explain further topics we will take care of in this phase below: 

Go Live Monitoring

The live setting duration, i.e. the time between the activation of the article and the playout on the platforms, is around 10 working days and depends on the respective platform. Please understand that we cannot influence the live setting duration.

In order to keep you transparently informed about the progress of the live production during this time, we will send you the so-called “Go Live Monitoring” every Tuesday and Thursday.

Data package

In addition to the Go Live Monitoring, we will also provide you with our data package in this phase, which consists of a dashboard, six reportings and three data links.


You can update the data links daily with the previous day’s data regarding sales and stock quantities. The dashboard and the reports will be sent to you once a week by e-mail. Please note: You do not need any log-in data for the data package!


Please find below the manual with comprehensive explanations about our data package:

Your assistance with live setting

Moreover, we would kindly like to ask you for your assistance after the articles have been set live on the approved platforms.


Since you know your articles best, please take a critical look at the data that has been played out after the articles have gone live and, in the event of any ambiguities, check which text, image and price data you provided to us in advance. If you find any discrepancies between the data played out and the data provided, we will pass these on to the platforms for correction.


Frequent errors that occur on the part of the platforms are, for example, an incorrect categorization of the articles, the display of incorrect product titles or the display of the clipping instead of a model image as the first view.

Sample statement

To further prepare you for live operation, we would also like to provide you with a sample statement to view.


If you have used content and/or logistics services, you will be invoiced separately for these costs.

What happens next?

Once your will be live on the approved platforms, we will hand you over into the hands of our partner management who will look after you permanently.


In partner management, all information on processes, relevant documents and upload links are provided to you via our partner portal. Please register now:

All documents and forms at a glance