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Success in the tri-border region – heyconnect brings German brands to bol.com

Success in the tri-border region – heyconnect brings German brands to bol.com

The platform service provider integrates the Netherland’s top-selling shopping platform and facilitates internationalisation for German brands. 


Hamburg, 5 November – With a market volume of more than 18 billion euros and double-digit growth rates, the Netherlands is one of Europe’s booming e-commerce markets. The main reason for this is bol.com. The country’s online marketplace with the highest turnover of around 1.36 bilion euros (2020) attracts companies not only from the Netherlands but also from Germany. And now it will be even easier from them to benefit from this boom. As a partner of the bol.com International Seller Programme, the platform service provider heyconnect enables German brands to sell their product range on bol.com and takes care of the integration, content management, support, processing and communication. The programme, which is only available to selected partners, requires high content quality and delivery speed as well as a customer experience tailored to the Netherlands, including Dutch customer service.


“The Netherlands is one of the most attractive growth markets for German e-commerce brands due to its excellent logistics structures and geographical proximity,” says Schirin Chahvand, Head of Business Development at heyconnect. “To be successful in this market, comapnies need local and technological expertise. It is important to know the target market, cultural characteristics and shopping habits of the local people and to align your content and customer service accordingly. Only then can brands benefit from the Dutch platform boom.”


With its turnover and 47,000 partner brands, bol.com is the most important online marketplace in the Netherlands. This puts it ahead of marketplace giants such as Amazon (2020 turnover: 326 million euros). The platform has almost 129 million monthly visitors and is one of the most influential online shopping sites in Belgium. In terms of content, bol.com offers a generalist range that extends from household items to electrial appliances and fashion. The company is also increasingly focused on sustainable alternatives to conventional products and is involved in social projcets. 


heyconnect has already successfully connected the first brands to bol.com via the ChannelEngine middleware. These include top brands such as Peter Hahn, L.Credi, Pantofola d’Oro and Uta Raasch.


About heyconnect

heyconnect is one of Germany’s leading platform service providers, enabling brands to access more than 45 marketplaces in Europe, includind Amazon, Zalando, OTTO and About You. The services include marketplace integration and management as well as basic services. The additional services range from content creation according to the respective platform specifications to fulfilment and logistics as well as marketing with a focus on retail media. heyconnect currently offers more than 100,000 items from over 200 brands across all platforms. Its best-known customers include brands such as Lloyd, Cox, Cinque, Colmar, Mephisto and Hugo Boss Home. In addition to the fashion industry, heyconnect is increasingly providing services to brands fromt the home & living, cosmetics and consumer electronics sectors. Founded in 2023, the Hamburg-based company employs 100 people and is headed by Managing Directors Marcel Brindöpke, Florian Curdt and Tobias Röbig. https://www.heyconnect.de/



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