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Your way to reach customers and your target group

Changes in e-commerce

Customers are no longer simply browsing on the Internet, but instead they are targeting specific platforms. Brands have to be present and visible on those platforms, otherwise they can be quickly forgotten and are not in the relevant set of their target groupRelevant-Set der Kunden.

We enable brands to access marketplaces

We know the business

We know the business
As a marketplace pioneer, heyconnect is your experienced partner for a successful marketplace entry. Having worked as an online fashion retailer ourselves for many years, we are very familiar with the challenges of the fashion business.

We reduce complexity

Gain access to more than 30 marketplaces in Germany and other European countries with heyconnect: and all with just one connection.

No additional effort for brands

Zalando, About You or Amazon? An endless variety of requirements and specifications? heyconnect gives you access to the most popular platforms, even internationally.

One contact for all platforms

We are your single point of contact to all marketplaces and handle all communication with all platforms for you. With the unique connection to our central heyconnect system saves you a lot of time and effort.

We take you to all the relevant marketplaces

Marketplaces expand your successful sales network

Marketplaces are an important factor in your successful sales strategy, as you benefit from the awareness and reach of large platforms: Gain easy access to millions of new customers. Tap into new markets and target groups at the touch of a button. Benefit from a fast time-to-market and a multi-present shop window on all relevant platforms.
Those who successfully use the marketplace business benefit from increased visibility, greater reach and increased brand awareness. It provides online stores with ideal market access to sell products on a broad scale. Platforms are also ideal for selling returns and B-goods.

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