3. Logistics

4. Live Setting


Since you have successfully completed the content phase and your articles have been created in our system, the next step is the third onboarding step, the logistics phase. On this page we would like to provide you with a detailed overview of this topic.


First of all, we would like to refer to the logistics guide. In this guide, all questions concerning the delivery are clarified. Please read the guide carefully and follow all instructions during delivery.


In cooperation with our warehouses, we have summarized for you the five most common sources of mistakes which

a. lead to a delay in storage and

b. lead to extra costs.


Therefore, we would like to ask you to pay special attention to the following points in order to avoid these mistakes:


  1. EAN barcodes / Item label

Each item requires a scannable barcode that corresponds to the 13-digit EANs submitted in the content phase in iPIM. Please make sure that not only the EAN specified on the item label contains 13 digits, but also that the barcode / barcode corresponds exactly to the 13-digit EAN.

In addition to the 13-digit EAN and the barcode, the article label should contain this information:


Also relevant are these points:

  • The barcode, the 13-digit EAN and the item number must be clearly legible.
  • The barcode must have the minimum size of 40 x 10mm (W x H).
  • The item labels must be attached flat and clearly visible on the outer item packaging.

If you are not able to label your items according to the specifications yourself, our warehouse can do this in individual cases for an additional charge (not included in the standard process). If you need to make use of this service, please be sure to contact us about it before the first delivery.


  1. Packaging of each article in polybags

Each article or sales unit must be individually placed in a polybag. The article label must be attached to the polybag as described in point 1.


  1. Missing delivery documents

Each delivery must contain a delivery notice showing the exact quantity delivered per EAN. This facilitates the handling of delivery differences and shortens clarification phases.


  1. Delivery contains unknown items
If we receive goods with unknown EANs for which we do not have text content, this will lead to a clarification request by the warehouse concerned and to special costs and delays.


For the notification of your deliveries we provide our shipping notification tool. This tool, developed by heyconnect, contains a number of helpful functions:
• Easy creation of a delivery notification thanks to a user-friendly operation.
• Direct validation of data completeness when creating the delivery notification (your data status in iPIM is used as the validation basis)
• Complete transparency of the progress of your delivery – from the creation of the notification to its release and final storage
• Possibility of automatic e-mail notification of updates



In order to be able to create an account for you for the shipping notification tool, we ask you to enter a main contact person from your company in this form:


After creating your user we will send you your access data and the link to the shipping notification tool. You can easily open the tool via any browser.

Our shipping notification tool guide summarizes all the process steps you have to complete in the course of the delivery notification. Please familiarize yourself with the tool before using it for the first time.


Please note:
If the quantities are reduced before delivery (for example, because you would have liked to send more goods, but they were no longer available as advised), please inform your Customer Success Manager in any case. It is sufficient to indicate the actual delivery quantity at EAN level. We will be happy to inform the warehouses about the reduction in quantity. A short-term increase of the delivery quantities is not possible.

4. Handling of non-stockable returns

Finally, we would like to coordinate the handling of so-called “non-stockable returns” with you. Non-stockable returns are returns for which our returns department has identified a defect that renders the goods unsaleable. Examples include loosened seams or adhesive residue on the item from production.

We mark each non-stockable return item with a hangtag, which makes the product defect traceable to you, and record it as C-goods.
We return the collected NLRs to you at regular intervals.

Please provide us with the desired return address using this form:

5. "Extended Producer Responsibility" - only relevant for French Market

Due to a new government requirement regarding the “Extended Producer Responsibility” (short: EPR/ German: erweiterte Herstellerverantwortung) for online platforms in France, heyconnect is obliged to transmit unique EPR registration numbers (“Identifiant Unique”; unique identification number; Unique ID) of partners. This concerns partners who sell through heyconnect on the French market. This is a waste prevention program as part of the French government’s recycling ambitions.


We have summarized all the information on this topic for you:


If you have detailed questions about the legal requirements, please contact the offices listed in the information sheet (PRO).


If you are affected by the requirement, please complete one of these templates after reviewing the information sheet:


Please upload the completed template via this form:


Please note: Only partners who have provided us with the required information beforehand are allowed to go live on the French platforms. A Go Live without providing the templates is prohibited.


Once the logistical issues are taken care of, we will ring in the final onboarding phase: the live implementation phase.
When the time comes, we will provide you with all the necessary information for the next phase.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: onboarding@heyconnect.de